New York City Home Educators Alliance 

Welcome to NYCHEA!

NYCHEA’s Mission

The New York City Home Educators Alliance is a secular organization. We exist to:

Support and inform families who choose home education

Inform the general public about home education

Protect the right to home education

Provide social occasions and group educational experiences for member families

Member Benefits

  • Monthly Member Meetings such as Science Fair and Field Day
  • Email discussion groups to share class and field trip postings and general homeschooling interests
  • Monthly newsletter with articles by your fellow homeschoolers, as well as posts about activities
  • Awesome field trips and classes, such as a trip to the glass blowing museum or ongoing adventure games in Central Park
  • And so much more!

Become a member!

All this for only $42 a year, or $21 if you join between Feb 1st and June 30th!

Join us

Upcoming events

  • Join us and see! Many events ongoing!

Creating homeschool community since 1994

Homeschooling in New York City is an incredible experience. Like the city itself, our community is diverse, talented and exciting. With almost 400 families, our members hail from every borough and from every point on the continuum of homeschooling--from toddlers to high schoolers; from curriculum-based learning to unschooling. Belonging to NYCHEA will give you access to a vast array of options as a homeschooler.

A primary benefit of becoming a member is access to our three Yahoo discussion groups. These lists are NYCHEA's lifeline of connection to members. 

The long-term benefits of becoming a member of NYCHEA are numerous. Finding friends. Discovering museums, parks, historic buildings and sites of interest. Taking part in classes and activities that pursue your child's interests and passions. coming go monthly member-only meetings that are wonderful social/educational opportunities.  Benefiting from the wisdom of other parents who have already been through the stages that you are experiencing now. Participating in our three Yahoo discussion groups about homeschooling activities, get-togethers, and ideas. And much, much more.

NYCHEA has a council that meets several times throughout the year. (In fact, we encourage every parent to volunteer for Council for at least one two-year stint).  NYCHEA is a non-profit organization and our dues go toward creating wonderful social and educational opportunities for our member families.

We are sure you will find that NYCHEA is an invaluable companion along your journey as you homeschool in New York City. Welcome to our community. We can't wait to meet you at our next event!

 NYCHEA, a nonprofit organization 

 Mailing address: 511 Avenue of the Americas #332, New York, NY 10011


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